Cryptocurrency mining is a great way to get passive earnings, making a minimum of effort.

NuVoo Mining server offers many opportunities for cryptocurrency industry.
Customers can choose several activity options from several server offerings – cloud mining, hosting client farms on dedicated hosting, and Mining collocation – mining, in which equipment is used by several users at once.

NuVoo Mining Location and Registration

The company does not hide the location of its facilities from the public, which causes confidence among current and potential customers. Nuvoo Farm, located in Quebec, Canada, is available to participants around the clock, seven days a week, and technical support is available in English and French.

Registration on the server is free, the user needs to fill in the standard fields – personal information (name, surname), language, company, phone number, address, and referral.

There is also the possibility of alternative registration using Facebook or Twitter accounts. Then you need to purchase the first cloud mining contract in just two clicks.

Mining Coins and Plans

NuVoo Mining offers to extract Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum using the SHA256, Scrypt and Ethash algorithms, respectively. By default, all algorithms are assigned to BTC, and therefore, users receive their payments at BTC.

Тарифы и планы nuvoo mining

This is possible by extracting the most profitable altcoins, which are automatically exchanged for the BTC algorithmic system of service.

The company considers this a very economical way to extract different coins.
The service fee covers all costs associated with the mining of cryptocurrency, including:

The cost of electricity.
Hosting services.
It is currently applied to contracts SHA256, and is calculated for GH / s and automatically deducted on a daily basis. Customers can find current service data in the contract. These fees directly affect income.

The company offers different plans for each coin:


The minimum Starter contract value for Bitcoin is $ 199 for 527.08 GH / s.
Bronze – $ 599 for 158125 GH / s.
Silver – $ 1199 for 316251 GH / s.
Gold – $ 2399 for 632503 GH / s.
Platinum – $ 7199 for 1897509 GH / s.
Emerald – $ 14,399 for 3,795,018 GH / s.
Diamond – $ 23,999 for 6325037 GH / s.
Royal – $ 47979 for 126500,75 GH / s.

The Ethereum Starter contract costs $ 369.99 for $ 10.00 MH / s.
Bronze – $ 1109.99 for 30.00 MH / s.
Silver – $ 2,219.99 for 60.00 MH / s.
Gold – $ 4,439.99 for 120.00 MH / s.
Platinum – $ 13,319.99 for 360.00 MH / s.
Emerald – $ 26,639.99 for 720.00 MH / s.

The cost of the Starter contract is $ 125 for 15.75 MH / s.
Bronze – $ 375 for 47.25 MH / s.
Silver – $ 750 for 94.50 MH / s.
Gold – $ 1,500 for 189 MH / s.
Platinum – $ 4,500 for 567 MH / s.
Emerald – $ 9,000 for 1134 MH / s.
Diamond – $ 15,000 for 1890 MH / s.
Royal’s maximum contract costs $ 30,000 for 3780.00 MH / s.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the service NuVoo Mining
The company offers customers to take the first step in the world of cryptocurrencies, believing that bitcoin mining is ideal for beginners.
Benefits of NuVoo Mining
The system also offers solutions for experts and large-scale entrepreneurs to expand a single farm to a multi-level one.

The company began work in 2017. To ensure the uninterrupted operation of the equipment, requires constant access to electricity and cooling.

Electricity is generated from an environmentally friendly hydroelectric power station, located near the object. Thus, the server offers favorable prices for electricity anywhere in the world. The HVAC cooling system was specifically designed for cryptocurrency mining equipment, it is very economical and environmentally friendly.

Clients have access to 24-hour webcams and can monitor the equipment at any time. This demonstrates the integrity of the company and ensures customer confidence.

There are no electricity charges or service charges. All contracts are open. This means users can mine a cryptocurrency with this company as long as their plan remains profitable. When it stops generating revenue, NuVoo Mining will close it.

Date of pre-order for all plans – December 15, 2018. NuVoo Mining also has a profit calculator on its website, giving customers the ability to predict how much money they will earn with each plan.

Purchase power

NuVoo Mining also offers multicurrency mining. What it is? Mining on a regular pool means mining only one coin (and nothing more).

Multicurrency mining switches between different coins, depending on their profitability. In practice, the algorithm checks the complexity of the extraction of the coin and its market price to determine the most profitable cryptocurrents.

In addition, the platform uses advanced exchange mechanisms to effectively exchange mined coins into any target currency (for example, Bitcoin).

Disadvantages of NuVoo Mining

Among the shortcomings can be identified the lack of an online wallet for customers, although there are plenty of them in the public domain. Also, the service offers not so many currencies for mining – Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

The site design leaves much to be desired, the site logo takes up too much space, the navigation menu is not very convenient.

Payment Methods
Currently, the company accepts the following payment methods:

Credit card (Visa / Mastercard) – at least $ 100.
The maximum amount of $ 1000.
Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.
Bank transfer for all transactions in the amount of more than $ 1001.
Payments are made daily, although withdrawal limits are set at 0.0015 BTC.

NuVoo Mining versus Hashflare and Genesis Mining

Most often miners prefer proven hosting – Hashflare and Genesis Mining. Let’s compare whether it is more profitable to mine the currency on NuVoo Mining, in comparison with the above-mentioned sites, arranging them by rating.


Genesis Mining – $ 179 for 1000 GH / s.
Hashflare – $ 1.8 for 10 GH / s.
NuVoo Mining – $ 199 for 527.08 GH / s.


Hashflare – $ 4.2 per 1 MH / s.
NuVoo Mining – $ 125 for 15, 75 MH / s.
Genesis Mining – 28 for 2 MH / s.


Hashflare – $ 2.2 for 100 KH / s.
NuVoo Mining – $ 369.99 for 10.00 MH / s
Genesis Mining – $ 1520 for 40 MH / s.