Choosing cryptocurrency cloud mining is the most prudent approach in saving and increasing cryptocurrency assets at the end of 2019. In a nutshell, it’s a simple mining of altcoins and bitcoins, that relieves you of electricity costs, software configuration, 24-hour monitoring and also the complexities connected with the classic mining on your own equipment. Cloud mining is the same habitual earnings of bitcoins and altcoins through processing power, only without using your equipment. When you work with cloud mining servise, equipment is rented from companies that have powerful data centers with farms for cryptocurrency mining.

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HashFlare is the best option, it combines reliability tested by long years of work, the most profitable tariffs and the greatest capacity. It is located in Europe, on the territory of Estonia.

Genesis Mining is one of the oldest and most famous services, it has no problems with charging and payments, but it is goes one step past to HashFlare in a number of parameters (tariffs, capacity, interface). The company is located in Iceland.


Cloud mining is the production of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency (about 800 altcoins) using special cloud services. This is a new model of earnings, which creates groups (mining pools), with one goal: to obtain more revenue, in comparison with the usual distributed mining, due to the management of equipment on the part of the contractor, which solves all issues on the technical and software components.

The profitability of cloud contracts is due to the fact that the companies providing the service themselves are usually producers of mining equipment (ASIC). This significantly reduces the cost and cost of mining, and the consolidation of ASIC data into large data centers reduces maintenance costs. Thus, this model of work is beneficial for all participants, since it allows to significantly increase profitability and get a bigger profit.

Cloud service deprives customers of most of the problems and difficulties accompanying the mining process: interruptions in network connection and electricity network (there is no equipment downtime), setting up and maintaining the equipment in a working condition (the paid capacity is constant), high noise and heat generation (there is no need to cool the room) legal issues in the field of legislation and taxation (became relevant at the end of 2018).

In connection with the disappearance of video cards from the market, cloud mining services are gaining popularity. The most reliable ones are HashFlare and Genesis Mining. They are guaranteed not to burst like bubbles of HYIP projects that work for several months, gain the right amount of money, and curtail, and we lose money. Specifically, our editorial staff uses HashFlare service, for more than a year of working with it, we did not have any problems or delays in payments. If you decided to invest in mining now, when it’s very difficult to get video cards, and if you get it, at the lowest prices, the easiest and effective way to profit from investing in crypto currency is cloud mining.


Take into account these four main parameters: publicity – photos, blogs, video with equipment and employees; time – the mining market is quite young, and the company’s lifetime here means much more than in more established niches; capacity – the volume of capacity that the company has and, as a consequence, the number of users of the service, multicurrency – the ability to obtain various cryptocurrencies within the same service, since the rates can change drastically. But in most cases it is more reliable to invest in mining of bitcoins, so this criterion is not fundamental.

We have prepared for you detailed reviews on the two most reliable and time-tested services for cloud mining. In addition to profitable tariffs, they have the most scarce quality of cloud services: publicity (confirmation of actual availability of equipment) and stability of payments, which has been tested not by one year of stable operation. We recommend to choose one of these services: Overview of Hashflare Overview of Genesis Mining