NiceHash – Cryptocurrency Marketplace

NiceHash is one of the biggest cryptocurrency marketplace. This is not cloud mining in its usual sense, where the buyer pays part of the hashing power. It is rather a stock exchange of capacities. Here you can not only buy hashing power, but also sell computing power. This is an important feature of NiceHash. In fact, here you are engaged in mining in the literal sense of the word: you choose equipment, choose a pool, choose an algorithm. The only difference is that this equipment is not with you, but with different people and companies on different parts of the world.

Main advantages of Nicehash cloud mining

  • NiceHash Miner has a user-friendly graphical interface that allows you to work with various software-miners and devices for mining (AMD, Nvidia, processors). It is enough just to launch Nice, it will automatically detect the available devices for mining and run the necessary programs.
  • The NiceHash Miner program maximizes revenue automatically by choosing the most profitable algorithms at the moment. The cost and complexity of cryptocurrency mining are constantly changing. If the goal of mining is to receive income in a traditional (fiat) currency, rather than the accumulation of some particular crypto-coin, then you need to constantly monitor the rates and promptly reconfigure the farm. Nice will do it for you. Moreover, if different video cards are installed in the farm, it is usually most profitable for them to mine various currencies. NiceHash will automatically launch several programs-miners, if it is necessary.
  • Convenient statistics, the  schedule for increasing in the balance, mining on every pool you want, the average daily income, the time of the nearest payment, there is even the temperature of the video cards and the speed of rotation of the fans.
  • NysHash works with the most popular algorithms, including SHA256, Scrypt and X11 and others. Among supported cryptocurrencies are Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitshares, Dash, FuelCoin, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash.

How NiceHash works :

Owners of rigs – sellers of computing power of mining point to their rigs on NiceHash stratum-server – NiceHash works like a pool. NiceHash stratum-server transfers work to connected rigs. Buyers of the hashing power are given the purchase of warrants. The work is carried out by the pool that is installed by the buyer in the order. All confirmed balls are recorded and rewarded, if accepted. Remuneration in Bitcoins, respectively, is calculated for each confirmed ball. The sellers of the mining capacity receive payment at the current average price, which is updated every minute. The current price is shown on the main page of

Features of mining on Nicehash

  • Free base and open source code – you are charged according to the operating time, everything is fair and transparent, you do not need to register.
  • Automatic selection of the best profitability on the graphics adapter or processor.
  • Payouts in automatic mode from 0.001 bitcoins – you get money once a day or 7 days.
  • Very user-friendly interface, mining starts in one click.
  • The most detailed statistics – you can check the results anonymously, or register the vorcers and track them.
  • For more advanced “miners” are available additional settings through the configuration file.


NiceHash is really one of the largest and most trustworthy cryptocurrency mining services in the world. It is used by by hundreds of thousands of users daily. Here you can sell ​​or buy computing power (power for mining) in the form of cloud mining with the goal of creating different cryptocurrencies and transaction confirmations. Reviews from Nicehash users say that it is ideal cloud mining for beginners, or those who do not want to bother with numerous settings.